Après le résumé de notre congrès de Bordeaux, nous sommes très heureux de vous faire part du premier reportage mis en place par notre première jeune reporter lauréate de la Bourse proposée par la société Gallia.

Première Lauréate 2022 : Linda Adouane
Elle nous a gratifié d’un excellent article reprenant tous les grands thèmes de Gastroentérologie et de Nutrition, ainsi que les conférences les plus appréciées.

Nous vous invitons à prendre connaissance ces deux reportages qui ont été panachés.


  1. ESPGHAN position paper on the follow-up of children and adolescents with coeliac disease
    Luisa Mearin
  2. Testing for fecal gluten immunogenic peptides : is it useful to evaluate compliance with gluten-free diet in celiac children ?
    Marianna Casertano
  3. The effect of exclusive enteral nutrition on inflammation related proteins in paediatric with Crohn’s Disease
    Bernadette White
  4. Predictors of response to biologics in children with ulcerative colitis: a population based-study from the epi-IIRN
    Dan Turner
  5. Very Early Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease (VEO-IBD): clinical differentiation in monogenic and non-monogenic VEO-IBD
    Ujjal Poddar
  6. Thiopurine maintenance therapy in children with ulcerative colitis: A multi-center retrospective study
    Firas Rinawi
  7. Psychiatric disorders in paediatric onset immune mediated inflammatory diseases – a nation-wide register study in Danemark
    Sabine Jansso
  8. The effect on compliance during exclusive enteral nutrition on faecal calprotectine in children with Crohn’s disease
    Shona McKirdy
  9. Effect of high dose zinc supplementation on improving feeding tolerance in very low-birth weight infants – a randomized controlled study
    Susan Sahin
  10. Persistent elevated transaminases among children with overweight or obesity triple the risk for future type 2 diabetes already in childhood
    Resthie R.Putri
  11. Effect of antibiotic treatment duration on the preterm microbiota during the first 2 months of life
    Maria Carmen Collado
  12. Outcome of induction therapy with vedolizumab in children: results from the prospective, multicenter VEDOKIDS study
    Oren Ledder
  13. Imaging in paediatric gastrointestinal motility disorders
    Osvaldo Borrelli
  14. Role of antro-duodenal manometry in management children with unexplained gastrointestinal symptoms
    Matilde Pescarin
  15. The dark face of paediatric Gastroenterology: Imaging of the pancreas
    Michael Wilschanski
  16. Can we predict Anti-TNF treatment failure in our patients?
    Neil Chanchlani
  17. First-line infliximab is cost-effective compared to conventional treatment in paediatric Crohn’s Disease – results from the TISKids study
    Stephanie Vuijk
  18. Combination of biologics and new drugs in paediatric IBD
    Javier Martin de Carpi
  19. Stool microbiome communities predict remission in pediatric Crohn’s Disease patients even after start of treatment
    Voir l’interview vidéo
    Charlotte Verburgt
  20. Tandem Talk: Can we safely stop chronic treatment in some of our patients? Absolutely not – Yes of course
    Iva Hojsak / David Wilson
  21. The real role of adjunctive therapies in IBD care, which are the ones that actually work?
    Erasmo Miele
  22. Which probiotics to use and when?
    Chris van den Akker
  23. Dysbiosis in children with neurological impairment and long-term enteral nutrition
    Martina Chiara Pascuzzi
  24. What is the evidence for synbiotics?
    Rok Orel
  25. Changes in gut microbiota associated with discontinuation of exclusive enteral nutrition in children with Crohn’s disease – one year follow-up
    Sara Sila
  26. What about other “biotics”?
    Maria Carmen Collado
  27. Why do recommendations for “biotics” differ?
    Yvan Vandenplas
  28. Pro-, Pre-, Syn- and Postbiotics in early life: what do we know?
    Hania Szajewska